OKLAHOMA CITY - A 4-year-old boy is fighting to keep his foot after being hit by a pickup in southwest Oklahoma City over the weekend.

The boy's mother said the driver wouldn't stop and dragged him several feet. He is scraped up all over and his foot is in bad shape.

King Dobbs finally started to get some rest in the hospital Monday. It has been a scary last few days for the 4-year-old.

“He’s been waking up with nightmares, talking about the red truck is going to get me. And he’ll tell you what happened. He’ll tell you he tried to run away and couldn’t get away,” his mom Rhonda said.

She said King tried to get back to the sidewalk, but didn't make it.

Even after the impact, she said the driver kept going. So her oldest son tried banging on his window to get him to stop moving, and he still didn’t stop.

“So that’s when I jumped in front of him and we both started punching the hood and telling him to stop,” Rhonda Dobbs said.

Finally, he did stop and they got King out from under the pickup.

“You just seen [sic] his foot halfway off and gone and you just seen [sic] bone and blood everywhere. And I just started yelling to call 911 and the guy said ‘sorry,’ jumped in his truck and drove off,” she explained.

Police caught up with 53-year-old Miguel Nunez and arrested him for leaving the scene of an injury accident and no driver’s license.

Meanwhile, King is trying to stay strong.

“He asked me, ‘Why’d that guy do that to me?’ And I said ‘I don’t know.’ I want to know why that guy did it to you. I just hope the man can’t do it to nobody [sic] else,” she said.

King's first surgery went well but he has more procedures ahead.

Nunez has since bonded out of jail.