OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Wind-swept tumbleweed is becoming more noticeable around the metro.

“It’s really bad,” said Steve Taylor. Taylor lives in the Carlisle Crossing neighborhood near Memorial and County Line roads.

Tumbleweed is seen everywhere in the subdivision and covers front porches and front landscaping.

“You can’t keep up with it, it makes your yard and everything just look bad,” Taylor said.

“This year has just been crazy. It just comes across the highway and piles up,” said Carlisle Crossing neighbor Shines Mathew, who has lived in the neighborhood for two years.

According to experts, tumbleweed is always around us but has become more noticeable now.

Neighbors at Carlisle Crossing are urging the neighborhood developer to extend a wall to block some of the tumbleweed.

One developer told News 9 there are no plans for more wall and the amount of tumbleweed this year is “highly unusual."