OKLAHOMA CITY - As more and more families opt out of vaccines, many people are skipping the flu shot this season.

Already this fall, eight people have been hospitalized with the flu in Oklahoma. If you insist on taking your chances, members of the Oklahoma Chiropractors’ Association say there are still ways you can protect yourself.

Oklahoma City chiropractor Marcus Favorite does more than just align spines. He works with patients on healthy habits.

“There are some supplements that are really good,” he said. “Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc is another one and then echinacea is very good. There are also some essential oils that are out there that will help boost the immune system.”

Favorite said bad eating habits are one major reason more people get sick around the holidays.

“Lots and lots of kiddos and families are eating lots of sugars that they don’t normally eat,” said Favorite. “Sugar is a big one that really hinders our immune system.”

Watching what you eat is just one way to maximize your body's power to fight off illnesses.

“What people don’t know is that the spine controls everything in your body through the nervous system,” Favorite said.

He said pressure on just one of your vertebrae can cause disruption in the body's functions. Many of Favorite's patients come in around once a week to get realigned, which he said can boost the immune system up to 200 percent.

You do not have to go to a chiropractor to get many of the benefits of a healthy spine, though. The key is movement, keeping the lymph nodes at the back of the neck free to function properly.

“It’s a natural filtration for those bacteria and virus that help us fight those things off,” Favorite said.

To avoid complications from “text-neck” (caused by frequently looking down at your phone) and sitting at a computer all day, you can take regular walks, stretch and do yoga to work out the kinks on your own. Favorite also suggests drinking lots of water and trying to watch your sugar intake over the holidays.

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