OKLAHOMA CITY - It’s been a week now since Bobby Wingo's family got the news; that the 30-year old's body was found here near the corner of Martin Luther King Avenue and NE 36. They still don't have any answers.

Wingo’s uncle, Earmon Robins, has a tortured soul. 

"I’m probably the last family member to see him, and I haven't even told my family about this. This is very hard for me. My nephew reached out to me and asked me for some help," he said. 

But Robins said no. 

"My sister called me to tell me that BJ is dead. That's all I could think about is that phone call that he gave me and asked can you help me uncle? And I wasn't there for him," Robins said.

Bobby Wingo, or BJ to his friends, wanted a ride but no one could help him. 

Hours later, Wingo’s body was found in the road. 

Police initially believed he had been the victim of a hit and run, but his family said the coroner told them the injuries were not consistent with being hit by a car. 

The family thinks BJ had been dragged by a car or thrown out of a moving vehicle. Police are still investigating.

BJ’s brother, Joel Sao said the 30-year old loved to laugh; loved kids; and most of all loved his family.

"We need to go out and have dinner at least once a month.’  He was always telling me that.  And I wish I had listened to him now," Sao said

The family wants answers. When something like this happens, we often hear the word “closure." 

But for BJ’s family that’s just a word. 

"How can you close something on someone's life? Whether they find the killer or not. You want to grieve, you know?” Robins said. "So closure for me? I can't say it will ever be closed."

Wingo's family said even though they may never have closure, they still need to have some answers. 

They're asking anyone who may have seen anything to call Oklahoma City police.