CHICKASHA, Oklahoma - Parents of Chickasha High School students are asking questions after reports of a student made threats and posted “upsetting pictures” online which forced police involvement during the school day.

It started Thursday afternoon, when parents began posting on a Chickasha news and gossip Facebook page, asking about an incident at Chickasha High School.

"My Daughter came home and informed us a high school student came to school today with a machete and loaded guns in his truck,” one parent said. "He threatened to shoot the school up."

“It causes panic and in this day and time you hear a lot of school shootings from these kids, you know you worry about the kids all the time,” one Chickasha mother said. She has two children in Chickasha schools and asked to have her identity concealed. She said the school never sent out a formal notice about the student or when police got involved.

“You just kind of stay frustrated with the schools around here,” she said. “They don't ever notify us with what's going on. It's normal. It's an everyday thing around here.”

Then Friday morning, the school posted on Facebook about the incident.

“Although we are limited in what we can say, Chickasha Schools want parents to know that there was an incident at the high school yesterday involving a minor student. This student released upsetting pictures on Facebook. There was no imminent threat to any student or faculty member and no guns were found on campus. The school is working closely with the Chickasha Police Department, who has been involved with this incident from the very beginning. An investigation is ongoing. Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against the student. Please know that our students’ safety is the number one priority.”

But for parents it’s not what happened, but how it was handled.

“I just don't understand why these schools can't keep us more informed about what's going on with our children. These are our kids. We deserve to know what's going on,” the mother said.