MOORE, Oklahoma - Desperate times, call for desperate measures. Especially when it comes to the education funding crisis in Oklahoma. So now one sixth grader in Moore is doing all she can to help out.

Eleven year old Mira's fight for education and mission to show students are worth it all started, not in her Briarwood classroom, but at home, watching the news.

"I was very angry you can ask my mom about that...These teachers are doing so much work but getting nothing,” said Mira, a Briarwood Elementary 6th Grader.

The news story was on education in Oklahoma & teacher pay, or lack thereof. So Mira decided to use the power of the pen, and instead of dancing around the issue she went straight to the top & wrote to Governor Mary Fallin.

"I'm 11 years old and I know something is not right. I really think that instead of you and the state leaders fighting for the 10 Commandments to be put on the capitol grounds you should put them on your desk and read them every single day and actually  comprehend what they really mean," wrote Mira.

As she waited for a response she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"It's sad and upsetting that uh it's come to this," said Briarwood principal Kyle Harrison.

"I wanted to do this but I also had to do this because no one else was standing up," said Mira.

"I wasn't surprised, she's just one of those students you expect great things from," said Harrison.

With the support of her Principal Kyle Harrison, and just about everyone else Mira is now selling these t-shirts.

The proceeds go to the school of her choice to be used simply on school supplies.

Her profit is zero dollars but likely a thousand thank you’s.

"Thank you (teachers). Just say thank you for teaching us and fighting for us and they're still here cause it's pretty hard," said Mira.

You can purchase a t-shirt here.

The complete letter to Governor Fallin is here.