News 9 and FlatSafe Tornado Shelters surprised another winner in our Shelter from the Storm Sweepstakes. He's an army veteran living in Edmond with his wife and three young kids and nominated by his wife.

"I just think he's an awesome person, he served his country and now he's serving his family and his community," said Morgan Estebane.

That's why Morgan Estebane nominated her husband Dorian to win a FlatSafe tornado shelter.

"I honestly couldn't think of anyone who deserved it better," she said.

The couple stopped by News 9 for the good news. Inside the studio, Chief Meteorologist David Payne welcomed them.

"We have some great news for you," David said. "You've been in the Army, you've served I think two tours, one tour in Iraq, kids, great father, all the way around so she stepped up wrote a letter to us saying I think he's earned this and so do we and so does FlatSafe and we're excited today to give you a brand new storm shelter."

"I appreciate it, thank you," Dorian said.

Dorian spent 10 years in the Army with two combat tours in Iraq and Kosovo. He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and now works a civilian job at Tinker.

"I would never trade my experience for a million dollars," he said. "It really has helped me as a person, really gave me a sense of direction and purpose."

His mission now is to be there for his family.

"Nothing beats it," Dorian said about having a family. "I think it's the best thing. As a man you should aspire to have a family, you know, to have that purpose in life."

Working at Tinker full time and going back to college, he says a shelter will give him peace of mind.

"It's hard to be away from my kids and from her after long days of work but I think 'why am I doing this?' I'm doing it for them," he said.

We have two more shelters to give away from FlatSafe and News 9, click  here to nominate a deserving Oklahoma family.