MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - The creepy clown controversy has made its way here to Midwest City where a 12-year old student at Carl Albert middle school was disciplined just for talking about clowns.

Tim Butler of Midwest City says his wife saw something horrifying last Thursday:  A creepy clown walking down their street.  "She didn't sleep at all that night.  I mean she literally set there with her knees curled up and I mean she was scared."

Like most kids, Butler’s 12-year old daughter told a friend at school what happened in between classes.  She got in trouble for it.  "(The) Principal walked up behind her, told her to come to the office and gave her lunch detention for a week because she was talking to one of her friends that live in our neighborhood about the clown that her mom had saw." Butler said.

Butler says parents weren’t told kids couldn’t talk about clowns and there’s no policy about it in the student handbook.  Parents we spoke with say punishing kids for talking about something bad that happened to them sets a bad precedent.  "What if something really traumatic happened to her?” Neighbor Debbie Teubert asked, “ The next door neighbor.  The next door neighbor molests her.  Is she now going to be intimidated now to not feel comfortable to talk?"

Butler says the school should lift the punishment and listen to students concerns; not punish them for voicing concerns.  "If she happened to walk by a window and see someone standing there that was in a clown costume, she's been instructed not to say anything.  Is she going to tell a teacher?  I mean it could save lives too."

News 9 reached out to the superintendent’s office and the principal at Albert Middle School.  They refused to comment.