GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Grady County Sheriff’s Deputy is one step closer to getting a life-saving kidney transplant.

Doctors diagnosed 35-year-old Corey Loftice with Stage 4 Kidney Failure eight months ago. Loftice has missed a lot of work because he’s been in and out of the hospital, and undergoing dialysis treatments. 

Even though he says doctors have told him he has advanced to Stage 5 Kidney Failure, Loftice is back at work on light duty. He wants to thank those who have donated to him financially, and he wants to thank county employees who have donated hundreds of vacation hours to him.

“It’s amazing, I wouldn’t be where I am right now that’s for certain, because of the medical costs alone,” said Loftice.

He says he hopes to get a kidney transplant by the end of the year.