OKLAHOMA CITY - It was 14-months ago that 28-year old Brendon Turner was brutally stabbed to death while taking care of a home on South Kelley Avenue for a sick relative. Now the woman who admitted to committing the crime is behind bars.

Last year when News 9 spoke with Turner’s relatives, they had a lot questions. Now there are answers. This week, US Marshals tracked down 30-year old Sumeika Byrd in Tulsa and charged her with murdering Turner. 

According to court records, investigators tied Byrd to the crime through DNA found at the crime scene.  Records show Byrd “admitted to being a prostitute”, and she agreed “to have sex with victim: Brendon Turner in exchange for drugs.”

Byrd told police Turner refused to give her the drugs, took money from her and “punched her in the back of the head”.  So, according to documents, she grabbed a knife and began “wildly slashing at victim”, stabbing him 17-times.

Neighbor Terri Murphy said she knew Byrd from the neighborhood.

"She was, I mean, she was mean,” said Murphy. “But she still, she shouldn't have stabbed that guy 17-times."

Neighbors said they’re just glad an arrest has finally been made.

"That’s scary having kids in the neighborhood with the murderer being, you know being a mother having her own kids that's scary,” said neighbor Riley Webb.

Byrd is charged with First Degree Murder. According to court records, she also has convictions for drug trafficking and hit and run.