OKLAHOMA CITY - Two women and a man have been charged in connection with the homicide of a well-known Oklahoma City club promoter.

Steven Tanner Pedigo, 31, was shot and killed on his birthday, Sept. 14, outside the Super 8 motel off Interstate 44 and May Avenue.

Now three weeks later, police have tracked down the people believed to be responsible and present during the crime.

They are Essence Roberts, 19, Christian Frels, 19, and Erik Kopepassah, 19, all from southeast Oklahoma City. All are accused of murder.

All three suspects are in the Oklahoma County jail being held without bond.

This while friends and family continue to grieve, and try to figure out life without Pedigo in it.

"He was like a big brother to me," said friend J.R. Atkinson. "He was there for me at a time when nobody else was."

Atkinson is still stunned by the death. 

He said he just spoke with him a week before he was shot and killed, and said Pedigo was excited about life, about being a father, and about the upcoming birth of his second child.

"I feel very bad for his children and his girlfriend," said Atkinson. "Those kids will never know him, and they should! Because he was a wonderful, wonderful human being."

Pedigo was known among those in the restaurant and nightclub business in downtown Oklahoma City. Atkinson said he went from being a very well liked bartender to being a very popular club promoter.

Now, Club One 15 in Bricktown is planning a benefit this Friday night to remember Pedigo, and to help his young family now that he's gone. Atkinson plans to be there to honor him.

"He saw something in me that I didn't even see in myself in a very dark time," said Atkinson. "And I will take that with me for the rest of my life."

Atkinson admits Pedigo had a bit of a past. One he was trying to change, but he never got the chance.

Court records show Pedigo was at the Super 8 motel with someone he met on the app Meetme.com and that he used the same app to contact a woman so he could purchase drugs. 

The affidavit states a tip led police to a Meetme.com picture of the person Pedigo reportedly met with right before he was killed.

That led to another tip that helped police identify and charge both Roberts and Frels to the crime.

It also led them to Kopepassah and whose car was spotted at the crime scene.

All three are expected to be formally arraigned this week.