YUKON, Oklahoma - The Yukon Police Department Sgt. Tim Peters said it's always been important to have an open line of communication with their citizens.

But in light of current events, there is an increased importance on fostering relationships with the community through education.

It's been two years since the Yukon Police Department held one of its citizens police academies. Peters said he is working to take the program off the back burner because he believes in it.

“It bridges that gap between the community and the police department,” he said.

At the citizens police academy tentatively set for February, residents will have ample opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback, Peters said.

Police plan to set up mock crime scenes for lessons about investigative work and also allow residents to take a ride with an officer on patrol, among other exercises.

The academy is one night a week for 10 weeks and one full Saturday. Each weekly session will be roughly two hours.

Organizers plan to work up to two academies per year.

For more information, contact Otis Davenport at (405) 206-2738 or Cam Dooley at (405) 816-9657.