MOORE, Oklahoma - A fundraising event to help rescued dogs came to an abrupt end on Saturday as severe storms rolled through the metro.

“It was chaotic, it was horrible,” said Denise Dipzinski of Forever Your Dog Rescue.

The storm blew down a tent in the parking lot of PetSmart in Moore where Forever Your Dog Rescue was holding its biggest fundraiser and adoption event of the year.

“When it started coming down it was like slow motion and I honestly thought we were going to die,” she said. “It was like somebody had a spray hose spraying our dogs and they were scared and there's nothing they can do, they're in a kennel, they can't run they can't move.”

Volunteers rushed the dogs into the store. They all made it okay but one volunteer suffered a concussion when part of the tent forced her to the ground. Others received minor injuries and were treated at the scene.

On Sunday, Dipzinski sifted through what's left from the fundraiser such as gift baskets that were damaged or destroyed that the group had hoped to raffle off.

“I gotta pull it all out and see what we can save, put some of it back together,” she said.

In all the chaos, volunteers thought someone took off with their money bag, but luckily they found it among all the debris and tucked inside one of the gift baskets. All of the money, about $2,500, was still inside. Many people saw on social media that the bag was missing and began donating to try to make up for the loss.

“People have been paying by PayPal and we're going to post it on our Facebook page and let them know that they can rescind their donation since we did find it,” she said.

The group is short though, they had hoped to raise $5,000 dollars this weekend through the raffle and adoptions but the storm cut their profits in half.

“I think what I feel bad for is all of our dogs that are in foster homes, they're safe but the dogs in boarding, they lost their chance,” Dipzinski said.

Dipzinski said they have about 80 dogs needed homes on any given day; most of them are in foster homes. They do have about 14 dogs that are boarded right now and need foster homes.