NORMAN, Oklahoma - The 45-year-old owner of a Noble home daycare center was charged Monday in Cleveland County with killing a 5-month-old girl who was in her care. 

The OSBI and prosecutors said Melissa Clark caused the brain injuries that led to the death of 5-month-old Braelyn Zachary. 

Clark called 911 last Tuesday. She told investigators the baby girl had become unresponsive. 

Court documents show Clark admitted to investigators she unintentionally dropped the baby a few times that day. 

Paramedics rushed the child to a local hospital, and then to a center in Tulsa that specializes in treating young victims of abuse. 

A Cleveland County judge Monday afternoon set Clark’s bail at $750,000. 

Sheila Henderson lives in Noble, and is a long-time next door neighbor of Melissa Clark.

“My heart goes out to the family that has lost their child. I know it has to be a living nightmare, but I also feel Melissa is in an awful freak situation. A freak accident,” she said.  

Court documents show Clark told investigators she had been very stressed out, and has been dealing with marital troubles and money issues. 

Attorneys Keith Nedwick and Charles Douglas represented Clark at the bond hearing. They both had no comment. 

A few dozen of Clark supporters also showed up in court. None of them had anything to say publicly either.