OKLAHOMA CITY - Scattered showers and storms are still possible through mid-morning. The question remains, what will happen when all the rain from the Texas panhandles moves into Oklahoma? 

Latest data suggests those showers and storms fizzle out quickly, and we have plenty of time to heat up in central Oklahoma. That would mean a moderate threat for additional severe storms this afternoon/evening.

Another question we are dealing with is, how far north with the warm front lift? The greatest severe threat will be along and to the south of the warm front. The risks will include large hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes.

Scenario #1) Rain and storms move in from Texas and hold together. This will help limit our severe threat Friday evening. This scenario not as likely at this point.

Scenario #2) Rain and storms go away quickly. We warm up, the front lifts north of Oklahoma City and we have strong severe storms Friday evening. This scenario is looking more possible.

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