OKLAHOMA CITY - After a mild night, we are in for a sunny and warm afternoon! A cold front is moving in today, and this will provide us with a strong northwest wind. Winds will easily gust over 30 mph this afternoon. This will really ramp up the fire threat. Not just strong winds, but this will drop the humidity as well. If a wildfire gets started, it could be very hard to contain. 

The cold front won't really bring in cold air, but it will keep us cooler than yesterday. Highs will range from the 60s in the northwest to the 80s in the southeast. Highs in OKC will top out in the lower and mid 70s. 

Thanks to our warm windy conditions, and just the time of year, allergies will be a problem. Today it's the oak, mulberry, and cottonwood tree pollen that is back in the high category. Mold spores are in the moderate category. 

Several more mild days ahead before our big cool down on Friday.