BIXBY, Oklahoma - The puppy with chemical burns found in a Bixby ditch early Tuesday is improving, according to Horizon Animal Hospital.

The clinic took the abandoned pup in after Bixby police found him. They named him Zorro - recognizing that he has a fight ahead of him.

The 6-month-old dog had chemical burns from exposure to a chemical rescuers believe was methamphetamine. Zorro had mange and was badly underfed before being dumped. 

Dr. Cari McDonald said they aren't sure if Zorro swallowed or inhaled the chemical, but his eyes, tongue and intestinal track all show signs of chemical burns.

In an update Thursday morning, clinic manager Joleen Hansen issued the following statement:

"He's doing great today," she said. "One of his eyes is open more, and he seems to be recognizing us. He is out of his bed and walking around. Hopefully, his temp will stay up, and we can start giving him the good meds to get him through this."

The public heard Zorro's story and responded with help, financial and otherwise, Hansen told News On 6. She was amazed when their fundraising goal exceeded its expectations.

"People keep giving; the love this puppy has been shown is so wonderful," she said. 

"Last check, we met our goal and have received thousands more than asked. Not to mention the donations called into the clinic or items brought in. When I put a plea out there for prayers on Tuesday, I never imagined it would touch so many people."

Zorro will continue to receive tender loving care at the Animal Hospital which also houses a rescue agency, Horizon Animal Heroes. The clinic said if anyone has blankets or heating pads to donate, they are changing them out often.

Bixby police are investigating the case and testing to determine what chemical Zorro was exposed to.