PRYOR, Oklahoma - This Christmas, a Pryor animal shelter is hoping for a miracle to stay open.

The Pryor Animal League says it desperately needs help to continue rescuing dogs and cats across Mayes County.

This puppy is one of several thousand that have been rescued by the Pryor Animal League. It's the city's only no-kill animal shelter. And now it needs help to keep its doors open.  

Ever since it opened, the Pryor Animal League has made its mission saving puppies and other animals.  Now, the shelter itself needs saving.  

"We're to the point where we're begging," said Linda Biscorner.

Biscorner is the president of the Pryor Animal League.

"We have two dogs over here. We call this the time-out room," said Linda Biscorner.  

She says the shelter's funds are dangerously low. In fact, the Pryor Animal League may not survive more than a few more months.

"It's getting really bad. It's getting to the point where, if we can keep the doors open another six months, I feel like we're gonna be lucky," said Linda Biscorner.  

The rescue pays for all of these animals' medical expenses, vaccines, not to mention food, water and shelter.  If it doesn't start getting regular donations, the animals in the shelter will lose the best home they've ever known.

"We want to keep the doors open as long as we can, because what happens then? We don't, we don't have an answer to that," said Linda Biscorner.  

The League says it costs about $700 for rent and utilities every month.  If you'd like to donate to the Pryor Animal League, visit their website.