GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - A Guthrie family’s dog has been found after it went missing after a deadly accident Saturday.

Stephanie Smith was returning from Woodward, where her husband works, Saturday morning when she lost control of her vehicle and crashed.

Smith was ejected from the vehicle and died.

The family’s Australian cattle dog, or red heeler, named Allie was also in the car and went missing after the crash.

Several people in the Canton area started searching for the dog after hearing about Stephanie’s three children who desperately wanted to find the dog.

On Wednesday morning, Cody King, of Seiling, found Allie inside a trap he had set up.

“All that mattered to me was getting her back to those kids,” King said, who had been searching for Allie for four days.

On Wednesday, King personally delivered the dog back to Smith’s family.

“You just made these kids’ Christmas,” Smith’s brother Weston Frith told King as he thanked him.

“Thank you to everyone who looked for her and shared the post on Facebook. You guys brought her home,” said Amber Frith, Smith’s sister-in-law.

Smith’s family shared video with News 9 of her kids smiling and laughing as they were reunited with Allie.