McCLAIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Investigators with the McClain County Sheriff’s office say they got the guy who they believe burglarized a Blanchard home, stealing Christmas presents from a single mom and her nine kids.  And investigators say they have News 9 viewers to thank for identifying him.

Thursday night, News 9 showed you security video of the man police considered a “Person of interest” in the case and several similar burglaries.  Dozens of New 9 viewers recognized him as Teddy Ely, a career criminal with a long rap sheet.

Among those who recognized him, his daughter, Faithe Ely.  Faithe is also a single mom, so she sympathizes with the victim.  “I don’t know how he (Teddy Ely) can be so heartless, to take from kids and, you know, a single mom who supports nine kids by herself.”

Police said Ely used different cars for each burglary that he got from a relative's used car lot. 

“It makes it difficult to track him when it’s not registered to him and everybody gives different vehicle descriptions” said Detective Dana Guthrie with the McClain County Sheriff’s Office. 

Police believe he pawned some of the stolen goods. The children’s missing Christmas presents have not been recovered.

Guthrie said the real break in the case came when News 9 aired the video that appears to show Ely burglarizing a house on TV.  “Because without you guys we would not have got his information out and he would still be on the loose.”

Faithe Ely said she's glad her dad is no longer on the loose.  She said she's ashamed of him.  “I mean it’s very low” she said, “If it was up to me he’d be spending the rest of his life in prison.  Because that’s where he belongs.”