OKLAHOMA CITY - A man pretends he wants to buy a metro woman's two-month-old pitbull puppy, but instead takes off running with it.

Within minutes of disappearing, 2-month-old Belle was on Facebook for sale. Her owner set up her own sting operation to catch the dognapper.

Belle and her brother Beast are full of energy and love to play. For the last two months the pitbull pups were inseparable, until someone took off with Belle.

A man stopped by her home Sunday night posing as a potential buyer. Lacorteun Jones would later be arrested by police.

“He wanted to see her and hold her like most people do so I let him hold her and then he goes 'well is there another one?' and I go 'yeah, I got one boy',” said Belle’s owner.

As Belle's owner reached for Beast, she said Jones seized the moment took off the pitbull puppy in hand.

“I turn around for like five seconds and he takes off running,” she said.  

Belle's owner chased after the man barefoot and without a jacket until he was out of sight. Determined to catch Jones she used his number to find him on Facebook. She found what looked like Belle for sale on Jones' page.

With help from a friend, Belle's owner set up a meeting to buy back her dog. The purchase was to take place just as police arrived.

“He saw the police pull into the parking lot and then he was like 'well can you hurry up and give money? The police just pulled up.' and she was like 'well this dog was stolen,'” said Belle’s owner.

Using markings on Belle, police matched pictures on her owner's phone. Jones was arrested immediately. Formal charges were filed Monday on Jones.