CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - New details are being revealed in the case of a Norman man whose body was found dismembered and dumped in Pottawatomie County.

The Cleveland County District Attorney’s office charged 32-year-old Roy Lewis Workman with First-Degree Murder on Friday.

According to the OSBI, this investigation is far from over and more people may end up arrested and charged in connection with this gruesome crime. Court papers reveal a chainsaw was used to cut up the body.

It was on October 21 at the dump site off Pine Corner Rd. that investigators found the remains of Corey Maxwell Jr. His family in Norman reported him missing the month before. And several people pointed to Workman as the person responsible for the crime.

"We believed other people were involved in this,” said OSBI Spokesperson Jessica Brown. “Or potentially were involved in this homicide and dismemberment. So we are asking those people to come forward right now.”

The OSBI and several law enforcement agencies were involved in this investigation and several people were interviewed, including Workman himself.

Court papers state Workman confessed to shooting Maxwell at a home in Moore, but claimed Maxwell tried to shoot him first, but that the gun did not fire. The affidavit states there was a "struggle and a fight" and that Workman then "shot Maxwell in the leg".

It then goes on to say Workman admitted to using a chainsaw to cut up the body, and that Maxwell's remains were then discarded at this dumpsite in Tribbey, Okla.

“We know where the shooting took place, and we know where the body was taken after it was dismembered,” said Brown. “But we are trying to figure out where that dismemberment happened.”

Court papers state 26-year-old Nicholas Woodrow was also in the house when the shooting took place, but was asleep in the back bedroom. He is currently in jail for another shooting that happened in Pauls Valley. But court papers state Workman claims Woodrow helped him transport Maxwell's body. And Woodrow had told people the body had been taken to the dump.

So far, Woodrow has not been charged in the Maxwell case, only the double shooting in Pauls Valley.

Workman is currently being held for Maxwell’s murder and is being held on a $750,000 bond.