ENID, Oklahoma - Enid police arrested a 29-year-old man in connection with more than 40 shootings into vehicles around the north central Oklahoma town.

Calls flooded into the Enid Police Department Wednesday around 5 pm. Callers relayed reports that a gunman was firing into cars. Ultimately, officers located 42 different scenes spread throughout the city. The windows targeted in the vehicles varied between locations.

A witness was able to give police the license plate which they linked to Anthony Jackson, 29, of Enid. Officers were able to arrest Jackson early Thursday morning. Investigators say he was fired from his job at Safelight auto glass Wednesday afternoon, but it’s unclear if that was the spark for the shootings.

Enid police spokesperson Captain Jack Morris said the crimes were unusual.

"You always experienced multiple vandalisms,” Morris said. “[A] lot of times you see it with pellet guns or a BB gun, not handguns."

He added there is not a clear motive. Investigators said there was no evidence of drug, alcohol or mental illness during the arrest.

Jackson is being charged with animal cruelty, reckless use of a fire arm and using a vehicle to use a gun. Jackson allegedly used a small caliber handgun to shoot out windows. The total amount of charges will later be determined by a district attorney, according to Morris.

No one was injured in the shootings, apart from one family dog. That dog’s owner said on Facebook the dog is named Kayah. The owner said her pet’s leg was broken and will require surgery, but she is expected to survive.

One victim, Daniel Robinson, caught one shooting on a newly installed security camera above the garage door. On the video, the driver of a car pulled up next to Robinson’s girlfriend’s car. The overhead light turned on and off and the driver could be seen fumbling with something in the front cab of the car. Then the muzzle of the gun flashed.

"The boys might have been loaded and ready to go and she might have run inside to grab something real quick that car seat…is right where her kid sits,” Robinson said.

His girlfriend has three children, ages nine and five. Robinson said they were shaken, but his girlfriend was angry she would have to replace her rear passenger window. Robinson said he was thankful no one was hurt and that a possible shooter was caught.

"Luckily there was no body in the car and all we lost were windows and we can fix windows," he said.