OKLAHOMA CITY - As you woke up this Veterans day, here's something to think about. On any given morning, more than 300,000 veterans in the U.S. are waking up homeless. 

Three veterans are now answering that call of duty right here in metro. 

Service is what Steve Joule knows best.

“Folks can get a get a great meal at least three times a day," Joule said.

After serving 15 years in the Army, Joule is now the Executive Chef at the City Rescue Mission, and each day he has one mission.

"Our goal here is to end homelessness, that all starts to me with having a full stomach,” Joule said.

On this Veterans Day, Joule is getting some backup.

"It hurts to see anybody homeless and when I see a veteran, I see them with a sign, I know what they've been through, but I don't know what they're going through now," Marine Eli Dixon said.

Dixon's original goal was to just feed some the 200 homeless veterans the City Rescue Mission serves annually.

"That wasn't enough, how big can I make this?" Dixon asked.

So Dixon reached out to restaurants, and Twin Peaks' Owner Sam Barnett served up something really big. Barnett has donated 600 meals to the mission, enough to feed everyone. And each meal will be prepared by another veteran, Marine and Twin Peaks manager Drew Gallegos.

"I think giving back and being able to still serve and that kind of stuff absolutely means more to me than anything else," Gallegos said.

"That's all we're trying to do, give people hope," Barnett said.

Together with Gallegos, Joule will then help prep and Dixon will dish out the chow. A troop of veterans brought together once again to serve.

"If you want to pay homage to veterans each and every day, this is an example," Dixon said.

Twin Peaks has also promised to donate 600 meals every here from here on out.

This is how a few veterans celebrate Veterans Day. One Marine wanted to help feed the homeless, and Twin Peaks donated 600 meals to the City Rescue Mission.

I spoke to the Marine who planned it all, and he said there were a lot of tears in the house. They had at least 24 volunteers. Served all 600 meals.

Also, Twin Peaks has promised to donate meals every Veterans Day for now on.