EDMOND, Oklahoma - It's a crime spree that's claiming more and more victims. Edmond police say thieves are lurking in park parking lots waiting to strike. For more than a month vehicles across the city continue to be targeted.

Police told News 9 several vehicles are being broken into at a time. And they say it's a crime that can be prevented.

Walk through any parking lot and left on display inside vehicles are valuables out in plain sight. Our phones, bags and purses are catching the eye of thieves in Edmond.

“It's just a hot spot for these criminals and these car burglars to go and all they are looking for aren't those innocent easy victims that leave that stuff laying out for them,” said Sgt. James Hamm, Edmond Police.

The break-ins are happening in the middle of the day while people are playing with their dogs in the park or watching a soccer game. Police estimate nearly a dozen vehicles have been hit since mid-September. It's happened at Hafer Park, Mitch Park and the dog park.

“It's a matter of seconds that it takes them to do this, so all they do is pull up see the car that has that bag laying there, that gym bag, that purse, whatever, they smash that window and they are gone in 10 seconds,” said Sgt. Hamm.

On a sunny day, you can see shards of glass from car windows glisten in the parking lots. It's a reminder left behind by the thief that someone is watching and waiting to take what you've left behind.

Edmond police are boosting park patrols and security in hopes of busting those responsible.

But you can help them by reporting any suspicious activity you see.