CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - On the run and believed to be heading to Mexico.

The Canadian County Sheriff's Office is looking for a suspect accused of shooting two men near Hinton, killing one of them.

That suspect, 38-year-old Valentin Gonzalez is no stranger to U.S. authorities. He was deported back in 2003, and returned to Oklahoma under another name.

Now, he's wanted for murder.

“We have solid information, eye witness account that Gonzalez was the shooter,” said Canadian County Undersheriff, Chris West.

Valentin Gonzalez also known as Martin Gonzalez and Heraldo Garcia, is accused of shooting one man and killing another early Saturday morning.

It all happened out in a rural part of western Canadian County near Hinton at a home just west of Methodist Rd. on West Reno.

“We’ve got arrest warrants out for them. We believe that he’s probably on his way back to Mexico,” said West.

The investigation started when a man, now identified as 30-year-old Luis Morales, showed up at a gas station roughly four miles away from the crime scene with multiple gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to OU Medical Center and is recovering. But 23-year-old Tomas Contreras didn't make it. 

He was shot to death, allegedly by Gonzalez.

“We want to tap into as many resources as we can, focus on the border to see if we can intercept Gonzalez and bring him back to Oklahoma,” said West.

Since Gonzalez's deportation in 2003, the Canadian County Sheriff's Office believes he's been in Hinton for a number of years.

“From what we understand, they own as many as nine pieces of property and was running a legitimate business, a construction business,” said West.

According to Homeland Security, Gonzalez applied for resident status this past May but was denied.

“He should be considered armed and dangerous,” said West.

What led up to the shooting Saturday morning is still under investigation.

Gonzalez has been missing ever since. If you've seen him, call police.