EL RENO, Oklahoma - An El Reno man was held at gunpoint and carjacked, and he shared how it all happened with News 9.

"He went like this, ‘Give me what you got,’” John Kelley said. “He was dressed in all black and had half of his face covered up."

His face was a mystery, but he was pretty clear about what he wanted.

"He reached into my back pocket, and he got my billfold with everything in it,” Kelley said.

The man took Kelley’s keys. He also had a gun.

“I felt something tapping me on the back of the head,” Kelley said.

The next thing he knew the three mystery people took off in his car. Kelley called 911. Wednesday morning authorities found his car abandoned near Interstate 40 and Mustang Road with a flat tire. Police believe he was an easy target.

"Robbery, transportation. They want to get from here to Oklahoma City,” El Reno Police Department Lt. Van Gillock said. "Unfortunately, a lot of times that’s how they get it done."

Detectives processed the car for evidence and found  fingerprints, but a nearby convenience store's surveillance video caught someone matching the description of the suspect.

Police are now looking for a person of interest, Kelley has a message for whoever attacked him.

"That's a raw deal you did me last night, man!" he said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the El Reno police at (405) 262-6941.