OKLAHOMA CITY - Naimah Claiborne found out about her son's murder hours after it happened. Friday, she found out his best friend is the one accused of killing him.

“It’s just mind blowing to me,” said Claiborne.

Police issued the arrest warrant for his friend Tevin Jerome Williams, 17, on Friday. Court papers state he shot 19-year-old Brian Marcus Claiborne a total of five times in the middle of NE 17th Street. They reveal it was an eyewitness who was with Williams and Claiborne who told police what had happened. 

The witness said Williams even aimed the gun at him and pulled the trigger, but the gun failed to fire.

“Tevin used to come to my house and everything just never would have expected him,” said Claiborne’s mom.

Police did not have to go far to find Williams, turns out he was already booked into the Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center on unrelated charges. Williams will now be held for first degree murder for Claiborne's death too.

“I'm happy but it still doesn't bring him back,” said Claiborne’s mom.

Claiborne's mother and sisters now mourn his loss and wonder what could have been.

Meeka James, 20, said she used to talk to Brian every day. She even got a call from him the day of the murder.

“I missed his phone call at 11:01am,” said James. “He called me! And after that I couldn't get back in touch with him.”

Now, they try to remember the happier times they shared with their loving brother who they say was known for his big heart.

“It’s going to be hard now that he’s gone, that's all I can say,” said James.

Williams will be transferred from the Berry House and be booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. He turns 18 Saturday and will be charged as an adult.