LINDSAY, Oklahoma - McClain County Detectives say a man murdered his aunt because she said he ate too much.

McClain County authorities got a 911 call Thursday evening, and when they questioned the suspect, they got a very unusual confession.

"McClain County 911."

"I need somebody to come to my house."

"We just found my sister in law on the floor in our house, and we think she's dead, because there is blood all over her."

Deputies were called to the scene.

"Female subject unconscious, laying in a pool of blood."

The woman was 66-year-old Shirley Miller. She lived here with her brother, sister-in-law and their three children. Thursday night they came home to a gruesome discovery.

"He and his wife and two kids had come in from an event. Unfortunately they discovered his sister,” McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett said.

She was stabbed to death and lying in the living room floor.

"Once we got a search warrant we went into the house and determined very quickly that she had numerous stab wounds,” Hewett said.

The couple's oldest son, 21-year-old Leroy Graham, was the last one to see Miller. They found him pacing the road in the rain and covered in blood.

Deputies brought him in for questioning, and he admitted to killing his aunt with a butcher knife. He said he threw the weapon in a nearby creek. It hasn’t been found. However, the reason Graham said he attacked his aunt is even more puzzling.

"This has been a family dispute between him and his aunt,” Hewett said. “He claims she kept picking on him, because she said he ate too much."

Graham was booked into the McClain County jail on a first-degree murder complaint. Formal charges have yet to be filed.