OKLAHOMA CITY - A large crystal meth operation is dismantled after a year-long investigation.

Early Thursday morning, several law enforcement agencies including, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the US Marshal Service, served arrest warrants on suspected drug dealers. As of noon Thursday 16 of 33 defendants were in custody, including their most wanted suspect in the operation, Paran Burrus.    

"S***. I'm the brokest n**** in this town. Straight up," Burrus said.

He was straight up out of bed after agents yanked him up and handcuffed him. They say Burrus was the head honcho in a large drug ring that supplies meth to the area.

"We always want to try to get our targets immediately," OBN Director Darrell Weaver said.

Burrus' home was their first stop, but he was not home. So authorities went to his business where he was sleeping in a bed in a garage area.

"It's not a disruption. It's a dismantlement," Weaver said. "You take every level off. It's just like a corporate setting."

"I don't distribute meth," Burrus said. "I'm a businessman."

Burrus claims this isn't his first rodeo. He has been accused of dealing drugs before and is certain he'll be cleared.

"I fear nothing," he said.

While he was being booked, the search continued.

"You have someone that's in charge, and then you have underlings that have certain roles," Weaver said.

Agents attacked the network of meth pushers they say are under Burrus and took Kissimmee Yanez into custody as well as several others including a man who was not on their radar and took off running when authorities confronted him. He ditched a several baggies of drugs on the ground.

"When you see those tricycles in the front yard, it really drives it home that we've got to clean these neighborhoods up," Weaver said.

Authorities say the group of suspects they were searching for would routinely bring several ounces of "ice" from Dallas to Comanche County and Caddo County. The drug would then be transported to Anadarko and sold on the streets.