CHICKASHA, Oklahoma - Members of the Chickasha community donated $2,000 to the Grady County Sheriff's Office to help protect the department's four-legged officers.

The $2,000 will go toward the purchase of two vests for the sheriff's office's K-9 unit.

After the death of Oklahoma City police K-9 Kye, Marie Maston decided she wanted to do something to help keep these special officers safe.

Maston said many people in the community were touched by Kye's death but it really hit home for her.

"I've always been a huge dog lover. I've always had dogs, done dog rescue for 20 something years," Maston said. "I've seen a lot of death in my lifetime with dogs, so helping to protect them will make a big difference."

She said providing vests for every K-9 should be part of Kye's legacy.