OKLAHOMA CITY - While a 3-year-old metro girl battles cancer, her family has decided to support her in a big way. Several of her relatives are changing their own looks so she doesn't have to feel different.

In February, Olivia Bobo was diagnosed with leukemia. After several rounds of chemotherapy Olivia's hair finally fell out. To show their support, her family decided to shave their heads too.

Despite the more than 50 rounds of chemotherapy over the past several months, Olivia shows no sign of her diagnosis.

“She's always smiling and that's why we are always smiling because she's not unhappy,” said Olivia’s mother, Niki Bobo.

And on Monday, Olivia remained full of energy as she danced around the living room to her favorite song. But on Tuesday, she’ll be back at OU Children's Hospital where she'll undergo her next round of treatment.

“She's handled it pretty well. I think the worst part for her is when we go in and they have to access her port or when they do her finger poke,” said Niki.

Olivia was diagnosed with a mild stage of leukemia. Still, for the next two years, she'll receive forms of chemotherapy. A new round of drugs last week finally started to cause Olivia's hair to fall out.

“She usually will just tell them that God took her hair and he's going to give her better hair or she'll tell them that God's going to give her pink hair,” said Niki.

Seven of Olivia's family members have now shaved their heads, including Olivia's best friend and cousin Mahlonni.

“So me and Livi can be twins,” said Mahlonni Bobo.

“I would never do this in a million years if it was not for my baby girl. I would still have long pretty curly red hair,” said Niki.

Mahlonni's ponytails and Niki's red curly hair is now in a bag. But the loss of this hair has given the family strength and support as Olivia battle's cancer.

The family says they plan to keep their hair short until Olivia's grows back.