Dog days of summer are definitely here. Today, more offseason moves that don't mean very much to the average fan but make a lot of sense to those who follow such maneuvers.

The Thunder has sent the contract of recently-acquired point guard Luke Ridnour and cash to Toronto in exchange for a $2.85 million trade exception and the rights to Tomislav Zubcic, who at one time looked like he had a lot of upside, but doesn't now and is likely to never wind up in OKC.

The Thunder reportedly traded Ridnour's contract and cash to Toronto for a player expected to be waived. Word is the Thunder will net a $2.85 million trade exception.

This is the fourth time in one week Ridnour has been traded. OKC acquired the vet from Charlotte with a conditional 2016 second-round pick on June 25 in a deal that sent Jeremy Lamb to the Hornets. The Thunder can use the trade exception anytime from now until June 30 of next year.


John Calipari reportedly says today he's not interested in leaving Big Blue to become reunited with former Kentucky star Demarcus Cousins in Sacramento. Despite having a head coach on the payroll who is yet to coach a game for his team, Sacramento owner Vivek Ranadive is considering hiring Cal. Check that. Was considering hiring Cal. Calipari knows it'd have to be a special situation to walk away from Lexington right now. Keep reading to see why it's safe to say Sacramento is not exactly a “special situation” right now.


The Sacramento Kings are on their way to the most dysfunctional lineup since Dennis Rodman and Adrian Dantley put on uniforms in Detroit alongside Bill Laimbeer and Isaiah Thomas. The Kings have the least qualified GM in the Association in Vlade Flopper Divac – yes, that Vlade Divac.

Malcontent Demarcus Cousins stars alongside free-wheeling Rudy Gay, who just is barking long and loud hoping team-killing point guard Rajon Rondo joins the circus. It must all start at the top because the owner hires and fires as if he's running McDonald's. Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Vivek Ranadive' is the owner who is currently pondering whether to allow Head Coach George Karl to unpack before giving him the pink slip. This motley crew seems the right cast of characters to play in a home facility named Sleep Train Arena.