OKLAHOMA CITY - Road trips are synonymous with Summer, like sunshine and barbeque. 

Tonight, we learn about the travelers of one group from Ponca City, determined to beat the clock by turning back time.

Chrome and curves of the past still purr with American muscle. These machines are no doubt worthy of pictures and maybe a museum. But no car in the Great Race is collecting dust.

“Who's going to preserve American history when people like myself are gone?” asked team owner JD Hanks.

Ponca City Retired school teacher JD Hanks hopes the answer is the team he's assembled for this year race.

No car here is older than a 1972

"It's a testament to a good American car," said Hanks.

Each driver has navigator-

“We are starting out at Cherokee at 10:07 and 52 seconds we are coming out at 50 miles per hour.”

That's one set of instructions in a daily list that has quite a few. Hanks has three high school graduates serving as navigators helping to get his 1968 Buick Century from Kirwood, MO to Santa Monica, Calif.

News 9 met up with them as they stopped in Bricktown. The trio will spend a week on the road and get 2,400 miles worth of advice from their owner.

There are 113 teams from all over the country, even other continents. The winning team gets $50,000. But proving that collectible cars, even at this age, are not just road, but race worthy is free.

“Not just to set it in the museum, to drive it, to love it and hug it,” said Hanks.