LBJ Is No Ali

I don't know about you but I didn't need LeBron looking in the camera after his Cavs had just lost Game 5 of the Finals telling us he's the best player in the world. Colin Cowherd said it was fine because he didn't have a problem when Muhammad Ali told us he was “the greatest.” That's comparing apples to oranges. Heavyweight boxing is a whole lot different than the NBA. And Ali is much different than James.

Heavyweight boxing is about talking trash. Heck, Midwest City's own Wimpy Halstead probably called himself the “world's greatest” when he was boxing in El Reno, Commerce and Gotebo. And Ali was being the world-class actor/entertainer when he said he was the “greatest.” That's a lot different than LeBron – with what I deem is a chip on his shoulder about Steph Curry winning league-MVP and perhaps becoming the MVP of the Finals as well – making the statement that we all already know.

And speaking of MVP and chips on LeBron's shoulder, it's pretty clear to me that the “secret” LeBron was to reveal after the Finals that has driven him to a remarkable string of performances, is that he was out to prove he should've won the regular season MVP as well. I like LeBron and believe he is great for the game. But I'd like him a lot more if he'd let his play do the talking instead of his ego.

That's probably why if Golden State wins the title I'm good with Curry (or perhaps even Iggy, depending on how the series plays out) being named the MVP of the Finals. Jerry West is the only player to ever win the award and play on a losing team (1969 Lakers). However, I'll throw in the caveat that crazy things could happen before we crown a champion. But barring something extraordinary from LBJ and duds from Steph and Iggy, I say the MVP belongs in the arms of the best player on the winning team. And from the beginning of the season until right now, the Warriors have been the pick from this pulpit.

Can I get an Amen?

Some Odds Are Quite Odd In What Will Be An Odd US Open

The US Open tees off in what will be a prime-time event that we don't see much in professional golf. The unique layout near Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest known as Chambers Bay will draw plenty of interest from both players and TV viewers.

Every blade of grass on the 240 acres will be the same fescue that is rarely seen in American golf. It'll be hard to determine on TV where the fairway ends and greens begin. There is one tree -- a lone fur that survived attack from an ax-wielding drunk – that is set against the pristine, beautiful waters of the Puget Sound that will be the image shown most often to viewers. And there are non-stop locomotives that will surely irritate some of the 156-player field. Golfers are unlike most others competing in their sports. Some are distracted when fans blink two fairways away.

Here are some of the current official odds from BetVega that got my attention:

1. McIlroy 5-1

2. Spieth 8-1

3. Lefty 15-1

4. D Johnson 18-1

T5. Fowler/Rose 201

8. Scott 25-1

T11. Sergio 35-1

15. Walker 40-1

18. Tiger 50-1

T21. Mahan 70-1

T152. Monty 1000-1