PAULS VALLEY, Oklahoma - We've seen how therapy dogs can help those struggling with PTSD.

A group in the Texas has seen the same calming results with horses.

“It's just peaceful,” said Army Specialist Wilfred Sanchez while he pet a horse at the Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Center in Pauls Valley.

Sanchez suffers from PTSD after being shot by a man who opened fired at Fort Hood in Texas in April of 2014 before taking his own life.

“If there are too many people around, I'll have panic attacks, breathing heavy, just freaking out,” says Sanchez about his current condition.

But Sanchez along with a two other veterans are getting help by learning to train wild mustang horses.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation out of Georgetown, Texas said it has seen real results through its “Mustang Mentors for Veterans” program.

The group helps wounded soldiers train wild Mustangs and lets them keep the animals after the program is complete.

“We've seen better relationships, better home life and that's what veterans really, really want,” said Bryon Hogan with the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

On Monday, Sanchez and two other wounded soldiers came the wild horse adoption center and each picked out the horse they'll train.

The soldiers then head back to Texas, to work with their animal three times a week for eight weeks.

“It's given me drive and purpose in my life, a new outlook,” said Sanchez.

So far, 13 soldiers have taken part in the program.