GEARY, Oklahoma - The Blaine County Sheriff's Office along with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation is searching for a missing man and also the person who was seen driving his Hummer 2 pickup truck.

On March 6, 2015, Blaine County Sheriff's Deputies were called to check the welfare of Ed Foreman, 53, of Geary.

While searching the home, deputies found evidence of a possible homicide. Foreman and his 2006 black Hummer 2 pickup truck were missing.

Blaine County Sheriff's office requested OSBI to assist in the investigation.

A witness has come forward with information about Foreman's Hummer pickup truck. The witness admitted to seeing a man driving the Hummer away from Foreman's home the same afternoon as the welfare check.

An OSBI forensic artist sat down with the witness to draw a sketch of the suspect. The man is described as a white or bi-racial male, approximately 30-years-old, with dark colored eyes and hair. He was also wearing a dark-colored jacket.

The license plate of the Hummer 2 pickup is 701 HDT.

Authorities are also in search of Ed Foreman who stands at approximately 6'1” and weighs between 240 and 300 pounds.

Attached is the sketch of the suspect seen driving Ed Foreman's pickup truck. If you or anyone has any information concerning the suspect or the whereabouts of Ed Foreman, call the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation 1-800-522-8017.