EDMOND, Oklahoma - A threat made against Edmond North created a stir Friday afternoon. The principal said a 16-year-old former student made threats of harm to himself and to the school.

During a press conference Friday afternoon, Jennifer Monroe with the Edmond Police Department said the student who made the threats has been in an inpatient care facility since last Friday.

The 16-year-old's inpatient therapist reported to authorities that the student was speaking of threats. 

Friends of the student came forward with concerns after receiving suicidal and homicidal texts. The 16-year-old was quoting other school mass casualty events.

Edmond Police arrived at the school to investigate but did not evacuate the school.

“We knew the location of that student, we didn't feel like any immediate plans could be carried out.” said Monroe. “When we got to the house and found the explosives they were not in such a state that could be carried out immediately.”

Police along with a bomb dog searched all areas the student had access to and didn't find any evidence of explosive devices. But when police searched the student's home they found several components of explosives and blueprints.

The investigation is still in the beginning phase but authorities say charges for the 16-year-old student will include possession of explosives and manufacturing explosives.

Edmond North Principal Jason Pittenger released the following statement to parents:

Dear North Families:

As the father of an Edmond Public School's student, I come to work each day with perspective that causes me to consider each situation from two views – that of a school administrator and that of a parent. This afternoon, I am choosing to write this letter to all of our North parents and families from the dual roles that inform my practice.

Earlier today, local law enforcement contacted us at Edmond North High School to share information concerning a potential threat to the safety of our school community. We immediately gathered unfolding information provided by the Edmond Police, county law enforcement, and the mental health community. These resources and the information they provided allowed us to identify the following situation: a student recently withdrawn from our school divulged information related to a possible threat to himself and the school.

Our first attention was to the safety of our students here on campus. Certain of the implicated student's location and supervision out of the Edmond area, we set about ensuring that our campus was secure and risk-free. With assistance of district leadership and our own team of administrators , we followed a risk-assessment protocol, involving the Edmond Police Department, who confidently determined the campus to be safe of any possible threat.

While I am disappointed that this letter was necessary today, I am encouraged that – just as I would have hoped would happen in my sons' school – all of the parties charged with the safety of our shared children worked together to ensure the well-being of one of our own… and all our of own.


Jason Pittenger


News 9 will live stream the presser