OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City SSgt. Ryan Stark's new K9 partner was awarded a bullet and stab protective vest on Friday. 

According to Oklahoma City police, K9 Kayne is a 20-month-old sable German Shepherd partnered with SSgt Ryan Stark, a 14-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Kayne joined the Oklahoma City Police Department after the tragic death of Stark's former partner Kye, who was killed in the line of duty while apprehending a violent fleeing felon in August, 2014, according to police.

Kayne has completed over 14 weeks of Patrol and Narcotics Detector Training at the Oklahoma City Police Department's K9 Training Facility.

Combined efforts of nationwide non-profit Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. and Tayte Stark made the award possible. Police said the donation was made through efforts of SSgt. Stark's 5-year-old daughter, Tayte, who appealed to the general public when her beloved best friend and family member, Kye died. 

Over $7,000 was raised through an online event, which will provide the vest for K9 Kayne and six additional K9's in Oklahoma.

Vest recipients are a total of four from Oklahoma City, one Hinton Police, one Custer County Sheriff and one Creek Nation Lighthorse Police. All vests provided from the event will be embroidered, “In Memory of K9 Kye, Oklahoma City Police Department.”