OKLAHOMA CITY - Mistic vapors will be sold at Wal-marts throughout the country later this year.

But right now Oklahoma gets the vapes first, and the vapor community is not surprised. Vape shops are the primary locations to buy exactly what they're named after, E-cigarettes and vapors.

"Over 95% of sales are brick and mortar," Mistic CEO, John Wiesehan.

But now Mistic and C-E-O John Wiesehan are adding another retailer for their Haus vaporizer.

"this is the vapor product," said Wiesehan

The nation's largest retailer, Walmart is currently selling the Haus vaporizer, but for now only in Oklahoma.

"From their perspective it seems like Oklahoma has hire demand for the vapor product," said Wiesehan.

A higher demand for the vapor product, a statement that doesn't surprise the Oklahoma Vapor Advocacy League (OVAL).

"We're taking the biggest step forward toward tobacco harm reduction we've seen in 50 years," said Sean Gore, president of OVAL.

The numbers could be in support of OVAL President Sean Gore. While the direct reason for the decline is unknown the state health department found that in 2012 23.3% of Oklahomans smoked, the state's lowest percentage in history.

"That's what this is all about, moving people away from tobacco products," said Gore.

But Mistic doesn't advertise as a stop smoking product.

"It's an alternative to smoking," said Wiesehan.

And while Gore values free enterprise he thinks vapors need a personal approach and Walmart just can't offer experts like a vape shop.

"How much do you smoke and how much do you smoke," said Gore.

We reached out to Wal-Mart, and a spokesperson told us they often roll out products in some markets earlier than others. The Mistic vaporizers do vary in nicotine levels of 0 to 2.4.