OKLAHOMA CITY - It started in the summer when Kevin Durant uncharacteristically spoke out: I'm tired of being second. Although being the world's second best basketball player is not too shabby, KD's proclamation was a prelude to what we've seen.

KD has improved by leaps and bounds and is now the odds-on favorite to dislodge King James and win his first MVP. LeBron recently said he was jealous KD was getting more shots with Russell Westbrook out.

Truth is he's jealous KD is treading on his territory. James has now said, he's jealous, he deserves to be the defensive player of the year, he belongs on Mount Rushmore and he's looking to overtake Jordan as best ever. Noble comments. But prompted by KD's emergence as the MVP.

What this ensures is a fantastic finish to the season; KD and LeBron, going one-on-one, every game. Best news for the Thunder is that this fact alone should ensure the team won't have many uninspired clunkers. Not when the planet's best player is playing to not be known as second best every night out. Beginning Thursday when coincidentally, LeBron rolls into Chesapeake Arena for round two.

Oh by the way, the Thunder lead the Heat by 3.5 games. Without another Top 10 player in the world. Good times.