KINGFISHER, Oklahoma - A Kingfisher County jury has awarded a Lone Wolf contractor more than $2 million in damages, he says because of unscrupulous dealings inside Kingfisher City Hall. 

Chris Poindexter is the contractor. His younger brother, Randy Poindexter, used to be Kingfisher's Fire Chief, until he was fired for insubordination by the city manager five months ago. 

The Poindexter brothers say Randy was fired because his brother Chris was suing the city. 

Chris Poindexter's lawsuit alleged he was awarded a half-million-dollar city contract four years ago to build concrete drainage ditches. He says the city shut the project down two weeks after he started, and never adequately explained why.

"They thought I wouldn't fight back or had the financial resources to fight back," he said. 

Kingfisher City Manager Dave Slezickey says the city's portion of the damages only amounts to $24,000. Chris Poindexter's Tulsa attorney tells News 9 what Slezickey said is "inaccurate and false." 

The verdict documents from Poindexter's suit also orders Kingfisher Mayor Jack Stutevile to pay Chris Poindexter a half-million dollars. 

Stuteville Friday told News 9, "I am sure that some kind of appeal will be filed. I'm not in a position to comment further." 

Randy Poindexter Friday night said, "I feel this is just a small part of a lot more to come."