OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City firefighters battled the cold to a put out a house fire near N.E. 28th Street and Prospect overnight, but encountered some problems along the way.

Neighbors say no one has lived in this home for about three months and no one will be living here for quite some time.

Oklahoma City firefighters rushed to put down the flames and hot spots but this is a total loss. They haven't been able to get inside the home to figure out what caused it. What didn't help in the effort to put out the fire was a dry fire hydrant nearby.

"Sometimes in this cold weather there might be something frozen on it where you can't open it up," said Battalion Chief Felton Morgan with the OKCFD. "Sometimes there could be something inside the hydrant itself so we'll turn that into the water department and have them take a look at it."

Something else dry this morning is the environment. Despite the snow we got on Tuesday we are still in a high fire danger time.