OKLAHOMA CITY - The winter storm has impacted several businesses across the metro. Some good, some bad.

"We've been running 24 hours a day," Don Brewer is trying to turn all the white stuff into green. "We are making money but we are earning every penny of it."

His company, Don's Snow Pushing is operating 10 machines clearing parking lots across the metro. It's big business this time of year.

While some get ahead during a winter storm, others have been set back, like the Oklahoma City Zoo. "We have a lot of pathways here on the zoo grounds," Tara Henson explained the zoo shut down for five days to prevent guests from slipping and falling on the 119 acre property.

Instead, the Zoo staff got creative and opened a day camp for children who were out of school. Alyssa Atkins is 8 years old and said it helped her cabin fever. "You get to make stuff for the animals to eat and we do games and activities."

Meanwhile, there is not enough activity at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

"Due to business and schools being closed, groups that were scheduled to come out were not able to make it," Angie Gaines explained the food was not packed without the help of volunteers.

Now, the non-profit is scrambling to put together "Food for Kids" backpacks that will provide 15,000 kids with food to eat over the weekend and the holidays.

The same road conditions that cause nearly 1,000 food bank volunteers to cancel their shifts is also driving new business at auto body shops like Dent Depot on N. May Avenue.

"The first ice that we got in here we definitely ended up with quite a bit of work," Mike Denison called it bitter sweet. He said business slows during snow days but will pick up when the roads are clear.

Grocery stores and movie theaters also report a boost in the last five days.