An 11-year-old Portland girl selling mistletoe to help pay for her new braces was told she couldn't do that without a permit, but that she could beg for the money in that same spot.  It gets all over me. Most of you too:

Justin writes: "Thank you and Griffin Communications for providing us with the truth, when common sense isn't so common anymore."

Tyler says: "I agree totally with the legal hoops the hard working people go through compared to the low life's doing what they feel like, and getting away with it."

But Debbie disagrees: "There are lots of places in Portland where she could have sold her mistletoe, there was just a city ordinance affecting that area."

Then require one for panhandling too... come on.

Clara suggests: "Wow, maybe she should have begged for cash donations to pay for her braces, then gave the mistletoe as a thank you gift."

Pam writes: "We have become a nation of 'victims'."

Finally George says: "Now we have to listen to all the…freeloaders who will scream about how unfair it is for a young lady to have the nerve to be ambitious. Do you expect these panhandlers to actually "work"? You must be one of those flag waving patriots."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.