OKLAHOMA CITY - Pastors from across the Oklahoma City metropolitan area say they are outraged and offended over a play featuring biblical satire and simulated gay sex.

Members of the clergy are planning a protest to be held at the city-owned Civic Center Music Hall on the opening night of OKC Theatre Company's production of, "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told." The play's opening night is Dec. 6. Productions will be held at the center's black box theater, which holds an audience of nearly 90 people.

The comedy features a twist on stories of the Bible. In one scene at the Garden of Eden, God creates Adam and Steve along with the first lesbians, Jane and Mabel.

"We feel like we have a responsibility to speak out and say, ‘this is wrong,'" Rev. Steve Kern of Olivet Baptist Church said.

Kern, who is running for a seat in the Oklahoma State Senate, says the play accepts a sinful lifestyle and anyone involved should pray that gays become straight. When Kern was asked if he is a homophobe, he said, "No, I would not consider myself a homophobe. I've ministered to many people in different kinds of lifestyles."

Church leaders from across the metro are asking the city to prohibit the play from being performed on Oklahoma City property.

"The First Amendment in the constitution dictates what we can and cannot do," Civic Center Music Hall manager and city employee Jim Brown said. "It specifically states that we cannot prohibit shows based upon their content."

The OKC Theatre Company says it prides itself on offering a diverse selection of productions -- some catering directly to faith-based communities.

"I don't want to let down our audience, so the show will go on for sure," said artistic director Rachel Irick.

Irick selected the controversial play for this season's line up. She's surprised by the backlash, but she says she is happy with the results.

"It's already helped our ticket sales," Irick said. "Our opening weekend is very close to being sold out."

The OKC Theatre Company has already added two additional performances to the schedule. Opening night for both the play and the protest is December 6, 2013.