MOORE, Oklahoma - After every natural disaster, Mercy Chefs are there to help. And within a year of each natural disaster Mercy Chefs returns with food. Why? Because everyone has to eat.

In the kitchen, or outside, you can see and smell that the Mercy Chefs are back in Moore.

"We embrace them, we love them, and that's why we come back," said Mercy Chef, Lynn Krause.

Six months ago after the May 20 tornado, Mercy Chef Lynn Krause served hot meals to those in need.

"It's remarkable to see how they relaxed they are and smile when they eat your food," Krause said.

Noah Hill and his family needed those meals while trying to salvage anything they could from the remains of their home.

"It was awesome. They were bringing meals to us while we were searching for things, and they were serving hearty," said Moore resident Noah Hill.

But those relationships go beyond just Noah and his family. On Tuesday, Mercy Chefs have brought in a dozen chefs spanning from Virginia, to Dallas, and up to Wisconsin, all here just to do what they do.

"To put their lives on hold and make and impact here and show Moore that they care," Hill said.

"Loving people through food, that's what we know how to do," said Mercy Chef Dave Van Abel.

Mercy Chef Dave Van Abel made the trip from Wisconsin and calls this return an easy recipe.

"We like to make a habit of not just leaving town and saying good luck, we like to come back and see how you're doing," Van Stabel said.

"It gives them that moment to let their troubles go by the wayside," Krause said.

Tuesday night, the Mercy Chefs are whipping up one more moment.

"Tremendous satisfaction that so many people are enjoying themselves because we prepared a plate of food," Krause said.

Initially Mercy Chefs expected a little under 1,000 people. But they decided to prepare for around 1,500 people.