OKLAHOMA CITY - A southwest Oklahoma City homeowner confronts a burglar and then gets an unexpected apology.

News 9 aired the surveillance video on Tuesday, but there's something you didn't see. The burglar really thought he was in that home alone. He even started removing wires from electrical equipment.

"Four minutes after I left, he kicked in the door," said Tylisha Gordon.

Tylisha believes she was being watched. It was around 8:30 a.m. Friday when the burglar decided to make a move.  

"I think he actually watched me get in my car and drive off," said Tylisha. "He probably thought I was going to work or something and thought I was going to be gone for a while."

But she was gone for less than five minutes, and this thief didn't waste any time. The burglar walks up to the home and kicks the front door twice.

"You can see our cross coming up off the wall, and then once he does that second kick, that's when the door opens," said Tylisha.

"I walked to the front. There he goes, just taking my X-Box, my Grand Theft Auto 5 and all, trying to make away with it," said Hobart Gordon.

The thief and Tylisha's husband Hobart make eye contact in his living room.

"He looked at me. I looked at him. He apologizes, threw my stuff down and he ran as fast as possible out that door," said Hobart.

Hobart was armed with a pistol. 

"He's got to be a pretty dangerous guy, just kicking in people's door in broad daylight like that," said Hobart.

"And he probably just felt like I was an easy target," said Tylisha.

The suspect took off in a 90's model blue four door Honda, possibly a Honda Civic. If you recognize that guy, you're asked to call Oklahoma City police or Crime Stoppers, at (405) 235-7300.