DEL CITY, Oklahoma - The fate of a veteran police captain will soon be in the hands of a jury. The trial for Del City Police Captain Randy Harrison is set to begin on Monday, November 18 in Oklahoma County.

The state charged him with manslaughter in 2012 after he shot and killed a suspect. Controversy ensued and with the trial approaching it is likely to be dredged up again.

According to court documents, at least 30 state witnesses could testify against Captain Randy Harrison during the trial. He is facing a manslaughter charge for the deadly shots he fired at a suspect, 18-year-old Dane Scott Jr., who ran from Del City Police on March 14, 2012.

Criticism surrounding the shooting death began at the scene near S.E. 15th and I-35 where Scott crashed his car during a short police chase. Investigators claim Scott got into a tussle with Captain Randy Harrison, he managed to break free and tried run.

That's when Harrison allegedly opened fire, shooting Scott in the back.

"You can't justify shooting a man with his hands up he is only a kid but he just turned 18, he had his whole life ahead of him." Scott's family said after the shooting.

Prosecutors allege Harrison "willfully, unlawfully and unnecessarily" killed Scott when he resisted arrest. Still, Harrison maintains his innocence and argues Scott threatened his life and public safety.

Early in the investigation, officers claimed they saw Scott with a gun but court records show he was unarmed.

Now, a jury will hear the state evidence and decide if Harrison was justified in the shooting death of Dane Scott Jr.

A gag order has been issued in this case so Harrison's defense attorney and prosecutors will not be allowed to comment outside of the courtroom until the jury delivers a verdict.