Black Thanksgiving Day is over the top. It's disappointing that more and more stores are opening before the Turkey's cold. Here's what you had so say.

Jim first: "Spot on, Kelly! When these stores open on Thanksgiving, it is NOT economic opportunity but rather exploitation. Don't play into it."

Reg of Midwest City says: "If you don't like it, don't go shopping on that day. Nobody is ripping 7-11 being open 365 days a year. What's the difference?"

The difference is two minutes for egg nog vs. two hours for whatever.

Suzy from Stillwater: "Don't worry Kelly. Next year it'll move a day earlier so some stores can get a jump on their competition, and Thanksgiving will again be a family day."

Casie in Del City: "I work in retail and hate the idea that I have to leave my family on Thanksgiving, just so people can shop."

Tom writes: "The almighty dollar already tries to run past Halloween to Christmas leaving Thanksgiving like it was leftovers. Saving a few dollars on a flat-screen ok--time with family PRICELESS!"

Finally, Danielle in Cashion: "Completely agree! My fiancé works at one of these greedy retail stores and he doesn't even get to spend thanksgiving or Christmas Eve with family. You know they aren't working if they are at the corporate offices."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.